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Candle Making Products
Bee Outside has greatly expanded our Candle Craft selection to include essential oils, liquid eco-friendly dye, soy wax, natural fiber wicks, equipment, books, molds and containers. You'll find supplies to craft hand-dipped candles, pillars, seasonal and decorative candles, tea lights, votives, container candles and rolled candles. 

Not sure what you need to get started? Try one of our popular beginner kits.
Candle craft has a long, culturally rooted history. Beeswax is the only naturally produced wax, and has been used for religious services for millenia. In fact, the Egyptians and the Cretans made the candle from beeswax as early as 3000 BC. Beeswax candles are still a key component in religious services, particularly the Paschal service of the eastern orthodox and catholic religions.  

The experience of burning a beeswax candle is quite unlike anything else. Here at the the store, when we work with beeswax, it puts us in a calm mood, and we sleep well that night. We figure it is the combination of the physical labour, the focus of craftwork and the entrancing smell of warm beeswax. 

In fact, The burning characteristics of beeswax candles differ from those of paraffin. Beeswax has negative ionization, which binds particulate matter to clear the air. A beeswax candle flame has a "warmer," more yellow color than that of paraffin, and the color of the flame may vary depending on the season in which the wax was harvested.